self-portrait-6-2015 028-CropAs a naturally adventurous person, I constantly seek new challenges and experiences. This trait causes me to spend a great deal of time investigating the back roads of Ontario. Over the years, I’ve made some great discoveries, such as McInnis Falls near Owen Sound. My partner and I ventured to the base many years ago, captured some fascinating shots of the huge boulders and flowing water, and then climbed sheer rock faces to get back to the top of the waterfall.

My name is Sylvia and using my journalistic skills and an inborn attraction to nature and wildlife, I like to talk with people wherever I go, learn about the area, what they do there, and what sites offer great photography subjects and natural habitats.

These queries have led me to some talented and interesting individuals. I’ve interviewed small business owners, agricultural fair participants, natural resources staff, and many more.

On this site, I plan to continue that research, drive the country roads, seek new panoramas and beautiful scenery, discover what adventures await in those off-road towns, like Creemore which is the proud possession of the smallest jail and a well-established brewery. Hockley Valley is quite scenic as is the Beaver Valley area with their rolling hills and lush forests, as well as blossoming orchards in spring.

I’ll be looking for those home-grown businesses where people create wonderful products and sell them to locals and passers by. I’ll be seeking wildlife and conservation areas that offer opportunities to study or just to watch nature at work. And a whole lot more.

Won’t you join me and share my adventures?